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Your Go-to Partner for Miscellaneous Structural Steel Fabrication and Detailing in Kingston

BGM Metalworks Inc. offers fabrication and structural steel detailing services in Kingston and the surrounding area. You can rely on us for all miscellaneous steel requirements, including catwalks, platforms, stairs, ladders, railings and more. We can take care of all requirements and deliveries for miscellaneous metal fabrication. Our team uses only high-quality metals to manufacture products and can supply MTRs with any order. To learn more, please reach out to a member of our team now.

Steel for Miscellaneous Construction Projects

Our team can fulfill your steel requirements for various construction projects while taking care of delivery and trucking to the site. You can also rely on us for construction-related products such as paints and galvanized steel. 

At BGM Metalworks Inc., we also provide steel for commercial and industrial construction. Commercial structural steel has varied applications and is majorly used in the construction of buildings. Industrial structural steel is used in the construction of heavy machinery such as wind turbines, vessels, etc. Discuss your requirements with us to make the right choice. 

We can fulfill your steel requirements for the construction of the following:

Safety barriers
Renovation and building of your commercial or industrial property
Installation of new additions to your structure
Design, fabrication and erection of structural steel

Steel for Stairs and Railings

Whether you are an architect or a general contractor looking for durable, sturdy stairs and railings, we are here for you. BGM Metalworks Inc. offers steel for the construction of stairs, railings, safety barriers and more. Our designers and technicians work together to design, manufacture and deliver the highest quality products on time and budget.

If it’s about Metal, Trust BGM Metalworks Inc.

We are professionals, and we know metal products inside and out. Rely on us for quality machining, fabrication and welding services in Kingston.

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